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Trascorri con noi le feste di Pasqua 2018. Guarda le locandine per scoprire il menù, ti aspettiamo.
Quest'anno passa con noi le tue festività, abbiamo preparato fantastici menu e molte sorprese per trascorrere insieme un bel Natale e un felice Anno Nuovo.
Vedi le locandine e scopri i nostri menu festivi... per info e prenotazioni chiamare direttamente in azienda.
Auguri di buona Pasqua da tutti noi de Il IV Miglio.
Menu di Pasqua 2017
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    The life in a wine yard could be divided in various moments, each in the direction to perfectly prepare the future harvests. During the winter the work is directed to the summer's end harvest: at the first autumn's rains, it is performed the lands' harrowing, followed by the pruning (speronato cordon's system) on December's beginning. Then the work is devoted to the lands' manure, performed by means of organic manures and to a further harrowing. On spring we can see the first fruits of our work, all around the fields are green, but among ...more
    The IV Miglio wines express the Phlegraean Fields millennial history and bring together all the peculiarity of a magic place, ancient and precious. We are in Campania, in a special geographic area in the north of Naples, on the declines of extinct craters, an open air archeological museum; very fertile and sunny ground, mild climate, landscape built up by volcanic reliefs contributing to the land's variety. A sparkling ground: the volcanic events are of special evidence in Pozzuoli' Solfatara; also evocative the Averno's lake...more
    In the sunny "ardent earth" of Phlegraean Fields, recalled by ancient Romans and full of little craters, in this special enchanting scenery was created the "Il IV Miglio" restaurant, that along with the wine cellar represents the utmost expression of Verde family's hospitality. A warm, bright, pleasant environment, smart but on the same time informal, in which the guest leaves for a long trip made of revelations of new tastes and rediscovering of forgotten flavours. All factors strictly tied up with Verde family reception ...more
    On the late years of century 19th Raffaele Verde was reported as the best vine-maker in Quarto. A real pride for that area, that shortly became a necessary stop of each farmer and carter. Raffaele's son Ciro continued this tradition, but the second world war caused a temporary interruption of the production and trading. The activity was resumed by an other Raffaele, Ciro's son, but devoted to a special target of consumers: Ciro raised the wine quality, reserving it to a restricted target "sibi et amicis". Again a Ciro ...more
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